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If you've found yourself here, stick around and read this quick bio on our company, we have a pretty cool story! In mid 2015 we decided to make a few XJ parts since there really wasn't anything on the market that fit the bill for a nicer than average suspension system. Our first 3 link was basically designed on a napkin and came to life a few weeks later. After showing it off it became apparent that there was a handful of folks that wanted one for themselves. Around this same time we decided to jump into the steering market and began making steering systems for a handful of different Jeep models. For the first year or so we worked fairly exclusively out of a detached garage part time while we moved towards building our website and advertising our products to the world. 

We outgrew the garage space pretty quickly, and it became evident that this may be more than a part-time endeavor. Our website was in full force and we began moving quite a bit more product than we had forecasted, things were definitely on the up and up. In mid 2016 we relocated to a new location with a substantial amount of room. This allowed us to increase production and function much more efficiently without being cramped. Over the first couple of years we were around we developed and began producing several different products that we felt filled a void in the aftermarket world. Our goal has always been (and will always be) to produce the highest end components at an affordable price right here in the USA. Our products have been recognized as being highly engineered and built to take the utmost abuse. To support this we offer a lifetime warranty on every product we make here in house. 

As we moved into developing parts for other Jeep models we were fortunate enough to get a TJ, JKU, and JLU to use as test vehicles for products we planned to bring to market. Fast forward to mid 2017 and we decided to make another move to our current facility located in Wildwood GA. Our new 20k square foot facility provides for a ton of room for inventory storage, a large production floor, a showroom that we hope to open in late 2019 for in house sales and consultations as well as a detached double bay shop for in house builds / installations. 

We have been very fortunate to have an outstanding customer base who proudly run our products and put them to the test from Moab to the pounding the pavement in their daily driven Jeeps. We have also been very lucky to work with some of our partners who helped showcase our products. In Early 2016 we began working with Poor Boy Racing out of Ridgecrest California. Poor Boys operates a 4600 class Ultra4 car that decided to run our suspension system under their XJ in several of the Ultra4 events (Including King of the Hammers). Also, Gear Monkey racing also chose to run our Suspension and Steering system in their 4600 class Ultra 4 car that also races in the Hammers. We have also worked closely with some of the best Jeep related social media pages to help showcase our products to a larger platform. 

A little about our employees:

Donovan: Donovan is the owner / operator of CavFab MotorSports. Donovan comes from a machining / engineering background and has an eye for perfection in every part we make. Donovan designs every product we have in our arsenal and is the mastermind behind the gorgeous welds you will find on every single part that leaves our facility. 

David: David comes from a long history of Jeep ownership over the last decade. David has developed a strong reputation for knowing what products to bring to market and what is needed to give the consumer the best possible experience with their vehicles. Dave built the CavFab website, and handles the day to day customer support from sales to tech support, as well as the marketing for our products. If you've called to place an order, or ask a question..chances are you have talked to Dave.

Lynsey: Lynsey keeps the troops on the ground. Prior to Lynsey coming on board we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to be more efficient and ended up running around like headless chickens. Lynsey helps across the board with daily operations and logistics to make sure that things operate as smoothly as possible.

As we continue to grow and bring more stuff to market, we will always keep in mind our core goals of building high end parts at affordable prices with a warranty to back them up..while keeping true to our Made in the USA values.

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